People always ask me "WHAT IS THE PALEO DIET"??

Here is a basic, but very interesting, video about the foods that we Paleo diners enjoy every day and even some skepticism at the end.

Were those skepticisms real concerns of yours?? They shouldn't be...
1.  You can enjoy Paleo on ANY budget (especially if I am purchasing your weekly groceries and/or cooking for you).
2. You WILL NOT OVER EAT nor gain weight from eating too much Paleo because the nutrients will fill you up and naturally cause you to NOT feel the need to finish your meals.
3. It is actually THE MOST PRACTICAL DIET because it promotes organic and humanely-raised plants and meats which are farmed sustainably  and keep our soils of the earth mineral-rich and toxin free! It also keeps the general public with happier bodies and happier minds!

This pyramid is great for general information, but how about something more specific?