Fresh Cell Box

Fresh Cell Box

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Maintain healthy skin and hair with fresh cells from 5 fruits and vegetables from FC5 everyday basics designed for everyone.

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Arbonne's FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo  **  Arbonne's FC5 Nourishing Daily Conditioner

Arbonne's FC5 Invigorating Body Cleanser  **  Arbonne's FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture

Massages by Alli Signature "Sinus Relief" Air & Body Mist  **  Massages by Alli Signature "Calming" Bath Bomb

Massages by Alli Signature Spa Votive Candle Set of 3

Mindful Body Box Light Blocking Eye Mask

Info Card:

Nourishing Daily Shampoo - Shine makes a comeback with our moisture-infused shampoo that helps restore hair’s luster, leaving it soft and manageable. Safe for all hair types, even color-treated hair.

Nourishing Daily Conditioner - Hydrate daily. Our nourishing conditioner helps maintain and protect hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Safe for all hair types, even color-treated hair.

Invigorating Body Cleanser - Just add water. Lather up the shower with this enriched hydrating formula, and towel off with revitalized skin.

Conditioning Body Moisture - After stepping out of the shower, reach for this lotion to moisturise and refresh for extra soft, smooth skin.

"Sinus Relief Air & Body Mist" - Sometimes you need a BIG BOOST of Eucalyptus and Peppermint to spray on your neck, chest, pillowcases to help you get through those nasty sinus issues we unfortunately experience. This spray is amazing and I would be surprised if you didn't find it cuddling in bed with you with your new-found devotion.

"Calming" Bath Bomb – Before bed tonight, grab this massive bath bomb, throw it in a warm tub, and watch all of your issues fizz away... Come out with soft, soothed, and scented skin for the ultimate refreshing treatment and a great night ahead.

Spa Scented Votive Candle Set – The candles have been formulated from Beeswax and Essential Oils to bring the spa ambiance to your home. You can feel safe knowing that you are not inhaling toxic fumes, chemicals, or irritating fragrances! Always trust Massages by Alli for the safest possible products, because we care.