Boudior Box

Boudior Box

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Bring your partner to their knees with this sexy and sassy MINDFUL BODY BOX - Boudior Edition! The blends of these aromas were designed for the most intimate of settings so have a bath, light some candles, and feel free to play around with these signature aromas. They'll be sure to heighten to mood ;)

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Massages by Alli Signature "Pop that Tart" Body Oil and Sexual Lubricant

Massages by Alli Signature Chakra 2 (Pleasure) Roll-On  **  Massages by Alli Signature "Calming" Bath Bomb

Massages by Alli Signature "Pop that Tart" Tea Light Candle Set of 9

Massages by Alli Signature "Secret Potion #9" Body Spray

Mindful Body Box Sexy Satin Scarf

Info Card:

Body Oil and Sexual Lubricant - A uniquely scented massage oil and lubricant designed to stimulate the senses in the most pleasurable of ways. Using this persuasive aroma on your lover will ensure a sweet and sassy night in... Wink wink!

Chakra 2 (Pleasure) Roll-On - Use this on your wrists before an intimate moment to increase not how you can pleasure your lover but find that pleasure in your body, mind, and soul.

"Calming" Bath Bomb – Before bed tonight, grab this massive bath bomb, throw it in a warm tub, and watch all of your issues fizz away... Come out with soft, soothed, and scented skin for the ultimate refreshing treatment and a great night ahead.

"Pop that Tart" Tea Light Candle Set - A sweet and sassy signature aroma blend created to give a bit of heat to these amazing candles. Be sure to safely spread them around the room for an intimate ambiance.

"Secret Potion #9" Body Spray - This is another signature aroma my girlfriend's and I designed to entice the opposite sex... and... it worked! Good luck to you when you use this because it works REALLY, REALLY well!

Satin Scarf - This is a gift to you to spice up your night.... assuming your not tied up with other business... wink!