My Journey with YOUNG LIVING



Are you fed up with traditional medicine and prescription pills just masking the symptoms while prolonging your illness or disorder?

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Are you interested to find relief from the WORLD'S OLDEST MEDICINE?

Are you a little curious about understanding the actual power of plants, herbs, and flowers?

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Well then... 


Today is the day I introduce YOU to the wonderful world of Essential Oils!


You may know that I have been a practicing Certified Aromatherapist since 2014;

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and if not, now you do!

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How I came across the power of Essential Oils is actually quite an interesting story..


I was out to lunch with a girlfriend of mine when we noticed a non-threatening woman sitting at the bar unpacking her entire purse and managing three (non-alcoholic) beverages.


This woman fascinated me to the point where I told my friend we HAD to go talk to her!


After kind introductions, I sat with my new friend for over an hour as she shared the best parts of her life story and schooled me on the benefits of specific essential oils as she was constantly adding them to our drinks! She taught me concepts similar to these...

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At first, I thought she was a woman off her rocker! 


Thank the Universe that I did NOT use judgement against her and keep my distance because she turned out to be a pleathera of knowledge of Essential Oils with her over 20 years of experience!


Since I met her, we have had several "workshops", spa parties, and friendly lunches.


Sometimes it's not the products but the uplifting network of people you come across that make the experiences special. 


The true power of Essential Oils become present when both parties are relaxed and accepting… just like friendship!

MINDFUL BODY CAFE (Chicago, IL) seeks to provide loads of workshops, such as...

*Intro to Essential Oils

*Chakra Balancing Blends

*How To Make Bath Bombs

*Make & Take Custom Body Sprays

*Therapeutic Uses for Essential Oils


Want to get a jumpstart and dive right in to the Wonderful World of Essential Oils?!

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 *Order a Premium Starter Kit TODAY!

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 -11 Essential Oils    -$65 Diffuser      -Samples and Info Cards   -ONLY $160!


Order before February and sign up for a workshop to receive a FREE MBS GIFT SET!


I appreciate you so much for reading this blog and visiting my website!  

From the bottom of my heart and the top of my soul...

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