My Journey with ARBONNE <3


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Four years and many facials ago,

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I was invited by my dear girlfriend to attend a spa party at her boyfriend's new swanky high rise apartment on Lake Shore Drive…

Ooh laa laa! Little did I realize my life and soul would be forever changedagain!

Spa parties were nothing new to me.

I, 5 years as a therapist at the time, had become quite familiar with the setup as my former aesthetician friend and I used to host them monthly with our dearest girlfriends.


The party I was invited to, however, was unlike our usual service-based business model…

I was intrigued!

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As a natural healer, I brought my massage table to the party to help the guests truly enjoy their experience at this event.

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Interestingly enough, my massages were NOT the highlight of the night!

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What caught everyone’s attention?!


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Wait, what?!   Arbonne…?                

I bet your wondering... 


I guess I'll finish my story...


As great as tables full of snacks and massages are, everyone was extremely pleased after the hour long product facial and foot soak.  

Well, duhhhh…. 

How can you NOT enjoy those? 

....even if it is just a product demonstration?!

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Yes, there was a representative walking us through all the products as we all got our treatments together in the living room. A good friend of our host, Monika Taraszka (Arbonne National Vice President, Independent Consultant), did a FANTASTIC time making sure we all had fun with games, raffles, and LOTS of incentives for you to savor all the benefits Arbonne has to offer!

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After the demonstrations…

and a tequila shot of 2 😉 ….


Every guest was walking around bragging about how great his/her skin felt and which products they planned to order.

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Overall, we all had a great time AND walked away with GREAT SKIN!

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First Thoughts:

After the party, Monika (Arbonne Representative) asked me if there was any interest in using these products alongside massage in order to help my business grow. At first, honestly, I didn’t see her vision so I politely turned her down.

A free Mercedes would be great and all, but I need to focus on my massage business.

Second Thoughts:

After 2 days of constantly touching my freshly tightened, super smooth face I realized I have discovered a new skincare line that I can trust works and I couldn’t have been happier with the results from my facial and foot bath.

foot soak.jpg

What Intrigued Me??

That next Monday, I got a text from Monika asking if I wanted to attend the Arbonne monthly meeting in Rosemont at 7pm. I looked at the clock… it was around 2pm. Now that I was already in love with the products, I started to really think about 2 things…

1.      How can I get these amazing products for as cheap as possible?

2.      Would starting this business actually help me get to my life goal of successfully owning a full service spa?


Main Hesitations:

  I seriously spent the next 5 hours trying to come up with ANY great excuse to not do it. Let’s think about it…

1.      Is there any risk?  NO

2.      Will I be trained?  YES

3.      Do I have a professional support network?  YES

4.      Do I prefer to pay full price? NO

5.      Will this help my business?  YES!!!!


Turning Point:

Ok, so obviously Arbonne is not looking like an evil, greedy company.

I realized that they not only care about the safety and quality of their products, but also about their consultants too!

arbonne compensation.jpg

Glimpse into the Future:

Arbonne offers its consultants paid commissions, all-inclusive vacations, a Mercedes Benz monthly bonus check ($800-$1000!!), a fun and exciting social work environment, and an opportunity to truly become a confident, successful business person!


These are nice perks…


I appreciate Arbonne so much for giving me a fresh look at my businesses and myself, and in return I am committed to introducing their amazing products to everyone I can.

I am going to the top of the company and have all of my dreams and goals fulfilled!


Back to the Fun!:

  I know that was a lot, but I am just SO excited to share more with you!

Now who’s ready to learn a little more and sample products?!

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Arbonne product demonstration parties are a seriously fun, informative, and TOTALLY FREE way to get your #GlamSquad, Bridesmaids, Bachelorette Brigades, Birthday Beauties, etc together for an amazing time!

Seriously, everyone will LOVE it and YOU WILL BE THE TALK OF THE TOWN!

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Ready to choose your theme?! 

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Thanks for reading, Cheers!

Thanks for reading, Cheers!