Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

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Relax, Re-Energize, and/or find Relief with these amazing balls of joy! Get fizzy in the tub for an intimate bath or throw them in a MINDful BODY SOULutions Foot Tub for a wonderful feet softening treatment. You'll be back for more of these natural beauties, I guarantee it!!

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Mini Baby Bath Bombs are best for a foot soak tub. $3 each

Paw Print Bath Bombs are perfect for one time use in a normal size tub. $4 each

Medium Bath Bombs are AWESOME for a single use in a large tub or can be broken up into 2 baths. Best value! $5 each

The larger Massive Bath Bombs can be broken up for about 4 uses! $10 each (Only $2.50/use!)

******They diffuse the aromas best at a temperature just under boiling heat, soak in water only!********

Even though these are made from common, natural kitchen ingredients, DO NOT EAT!